Help with why SSML causes speech to repeat in Test tab

Hey awesome Voiceflow community/forum. trying to test speak blocks on the fly as we create a tempo and flow of our persona. and when going over to the Test tab after adding simple SSML we find that the message repeats many times over vs. just once. This makes it hard to test pacing, tempo etc… so any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance for any help/guidance and screenshots provided below

I recommemd you should test on Alexa Developer Console. VF test is easy but sometimes results differently from Echo devices and sometimes doesn’t work.

IMO, changing tempo or voice using SSML, ADC is better because it is very similar for users’ experience.

hey thanks kun432… it is weird because we found if we only use one break and very simple prosody in our speak box it will function correctly/as intended (as one would expect without multi repeats etc…) we get the errors when trying to add multiple break times etc… inside the speak. opened a ticket about it so we will see what happens.

thanks again!