Hola Alexa, translation support

Does anyone have experience or knowledge on how to make a current Alexa Skill support another language specifically Spanish?

For same languages and different countries, you can just add those locales in current project and publish, I think.

For different language, copy your project, change language settings, translate invocation name, utterances, speech text, skill info, then publish it.

But wouldn’t this then create two skills that one has to maintain? Also, one wouldn’t be able to change the language. I’m guessing one could set the language to match the region, but that would be a terrible user experience for users who might be living in the USA, but only speak Spanish. Or an American living in Germany, who doesn’t speak german.

Is there no better way to handle this?

Basically, when you publish a skill, you need to fill in invocation name and description of your skill, which invoked and displayed on Alexa Store. When you create a mult-language skill, you must have each invocation name and description for each language such as English skills must have English invocation name and description and Spanish skill must have Spanish invocation name description.

When you publish from Voiceflow, there’s only one invocation name and description form and you cannot set more than 2 invocation names and descriptions for multi-lanugages in one form.

If your skill is for English, you can support en-US/en-CA/en-GB/en-IN/en-AU in a single skill because you can set same invocation name and description in one single form, but If your skill is for English and Spanish, you should separate two skills, one for English, one for Spanish(en-ES/es-ES/es-MX)

it also depends on what language is set for a device and account users have.

  • if who live in US, means US amazon account, but only speak spanish, es-US is better. (US account supports English and Spanish).
  • if who lived in Germany who speak English, maybe en-US is better (I don’t know it works outside US, but German account does not supports other locales than Germany, so).

These are based on past experiance and limitations.

nowadays, alexa supports multi-languages for some limited combinations such as in Japan, we have ja-JP/en-US. Situations has been changed and become more complex. what I said might not be right at this time or in future. you can try and post your experiences here, that will help us in future.