Hotel Concierge

Looking at a way to create a concierge “skill”, but need help with bringing the general concepts from dream to reality…through Voiceflow …


I would think of the customer journey: pre-arrival, the first time they arrive, settling in, going out, using the facilities of the hotel, and leaving. Each of these could have a separate flow.
For a more advanced skill you can also think how to personalise it - for example if you know the date and time of arrival, the size of the party etc …

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Excellent ideas. Thank you.

I worked as a concierge for years in a hotel… and am in the process of learning Voiceflow etc., to be able to build a skill… perhaps we can chat further about this?

Sure - I’ll be very happy to.
Can I ask - do you want to create this skill purely for learning / as a hobby - or do you have an ambition for it to be used as a real business skill if it is eventually sophisticated enough ?

I enjoy the challenge of learning new things and find your “sophisticated enough” question is an excellent one ! I think Voiceflow has the potential to
be the “go to” program with all of the new features and ability to add “widgets”… I do want to create a business skill, but my concept is evolving….at this point…

which is a good thing!

Ok that’s good !

If it’s of any interest my background is as an IT business analyst and solution designer so I do have some experience about how to go about designing solutions…

My advice would be to take those big functions I outlined earlier (or come up with your own) and start to fill them in on a spreadsheet - think about the sorts of things that the customer would want to do under each function heading.

From the other end, start thinking about where all of this information is held by the hotel… is it in a database, on the web site, on pieces of paper ? One of the main issues with systems is keeping the information up to date - menus would be a good example. You don’t want the Skill administrator to have to type in all the new menus every month! They need to be pulled into the skill automatically from where they are already stored (there are lots of ways to do that…)

Hope that helps.

Good to know about your background and that explains your approach to solving the challenge…
Yes, my first skill is created ( not published), just dealt with specific questions guests ask at the inn - now, I realize

I need to think differently…


Hi Scott
Happy to help out anytime - just ask!


I just submitted my non published skill for people to view to Voiceflow Marketplace
Based upon your observations and suggestions… I will be creating a new skill … with a different starting point…BTW what is your site again?

Well done Scott, that’s a good start!
I’m setting up a new company with my son Alex called ambiently. You can check it out here

Yes, it was a big start for me…and different direction… but first results are good, but know can do better !

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Concierge services are an important industry nowadays, and as was mentioned before, to be a successful concierge one must acquire some rather complex skills.
I’m working on building software for a concierge company if you are still interested in this topic, you can check out this article.
I wish you good luck on your way to mastering the concierge art!

I agree, having worked as a concierge for many years in a hotel. I see Amazon has a dedicated team of developers creating concierge skills for hotels… and that has got to be awesome code !