How can I do a normal Alexa command?

Let me explain better, I want to create a VoiceFlow where I run a series of commands like IFTTT, etc…, but also I need to invoke simple Alexa routines. So I’ll use Code Block and Api block, but how to do a simple Alexa routine?

Can you give us an example of what you mean by a simple alexa routine ?

I’d like to do a project with VoiceFlow(VF) where I can call some command for Home Automation where some devices are manageable by ITFFF commands but some device are not. For the latter, I can only call Alexa routine type “Alexa activates all the living room devices”, “Alexa, deactivate all devices my home”. In other cases I need some direct call like : “Alexa, active the electric socket one” , “Alexa, active Shelly”.

Everything listed above, would be single commands integrated into the complexflow of VF where I have to interact with Alexa to give all, only one , or just some of the commands inserted in the VF.

In conclusion, as far as I would like to realize it would be useful to have the possibility of creating a block of VF able to make a simple activation call directed to Alexa.

I hope I made my project idea well.