How can I use JSON content after I retrieve data from Google sheet?

I’d like to delete one row of data in my google sheet. However, the voiceflow google sheet block need to know the row number that I want to delete. Actually, after I retrieve data from Google sheet, then the system received one JSON content. The row number just include in that. Just like shown below.

How can I use it? Or how can I set it into my variable?

Thanks for anyone’s help.

when retrieving, simply get built-in “Row Number” and put it into a variable.

Yes, that’s it! I just make it complicated. Thank you. :partying_face:

one thing to be careful for deleting data.

let’s say, if you want to delete row number 2, you should set like this.

Set a row number you want to delete for “Start Row” and a number added 1 to a row number you want to delete for “End Row”.

Then you want to use a variable, right? you may think this works, but actually not.

seems “With Settings” of Google Sheets Block does not accept arithmetic expressions and as a result, all the rows below row number defined by the variable will be deleted.

So, if you wanna use a variable, you should put Set Block before Google Sheets Block for deleting, calculate a row number for End Row in advance, and put it into another variable.

Then define each variable for Start Row and End Row of Google Sheets Block for “deleting”.

You cannot recover data after you deleted. I will recommend you to test first with a small test project and test data.

Yes, I find that problem, thx.