How do I properly restart my Alexa Skill while it's playing an audio stream (in my Alexa Skill)?

So I got into a tangled, funky situation where my skill was running concurrently while an audio stream was playing intermittently between my Prompts and my answers. How did this happen? In the middle of my audio stream playback (in my skill), I attempted to restart my skill, saying, “Alexa, open [my skill invocation]”.

What are best practices for restarting my Alexa Skill while it’s in mid audio stream (in my Alexa Skill)?

The stream block is something handled by Alexa, each time you are using a stream block you’re exiting the skill to let the Alexa audio player take the lead. The behaviour is, if no other skill use the audio player in between, if the user ask Alexa to resume, the audio player will resume the audio that was previously playing. Stream blocks are not meant to be use as part of a conversation, you want to use Audio steps instead.