How do I solve an unexpected queued audio stream bug?

I want to get rid of a frustrating bug / unexpected behavior.

The steps to reproduce the bug: If a user calls a Command right before the audio streaming block starts to play, e.g. subflow Help Command, or Global Command, something happens such that if the user later on quits the skill, e.g. says “Stop”, after the skill “exits”, a residual (queued?) audio stream starts playing, and the user even finds he’s still in skill.

Any thoughts on how to solve this?

1/ Should I isolate and NOT combine the audio stream step with anything else (prior to it, e.g. speech blocks, setting variables, etc.)?

2/ Should I use the directive block clear all queued audio upon exiting (in “Stop” flow)? If so, how do I use the directive block? I tried (see below) but that failed.

Update: I added a Directive block that calls “AudioPlayer.Stop” in my Stop flow, and so far, it seems to have worked. I tried reproducing my bug - issuing a Command immediately AFTER the audioplayer finishes playing - and said “Alexa, Stop”, and no rogue audioplayer audio stream plays anymore :zzz: