How do I switch between Alexa and Google mode?

Our project is in collaborate mode and we want to publish to both platforms now to start testing, the toggle switch is not there…

see here for latest updates

Can I copy the project and change the output channel?
we’ve been working on this for weeks without realising it was single channel only!

it could be in the past but not for now, I guess. the current way is

  • create a new project with other channel.
  • copy all the blocks in the current project.
  • paste those to a new one.
  • fix a new one because there are some channel-specific blocks, intents, or slots which may not work for other channel.
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Actually, fixing sutable for each channel is a kind of better practice in the past, too, even if we could switch between channels. Because there are so many differences between alexa and google. Depending on how many channel-specific-features you use, but it is not easy like that just switching and everything works fine.

IMO, VF’s Google support is far behind from Alexa’s, currently. I guess this is the reason they removed switching feature, try to support more google-specific-features.