How do I use a capture block in an If statement?

Hi everyone!
I am making a trivia game and I want to be able to capture the user’s input, then use an IF statement to say whether it is correct or incorrect. The variable the answer is captured in is called {Answer}. In the IF statement, I put in {Answer} = Despacito, and connected that to a speak block that says ‘correct’. The else is connected to another speak block which says ‘incorrect’. When I run it, it always says incorrect. I am not sure how to fix this, can someone help?

first, check the value inside {Answer} variable and make sure if the word you answered is put into {Answer} variable correctly.

second, check its slot type of {Answer}. you choose appropriate slot type for your slot, the word answered might not be recognized as a slot value.

Hi, thanks a lot for answering! I just realized that I was trying to put the condition itself in the box where ur supposed to put the name :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. That was my first time using If statements on Voiceflow, so thanks for helping!