How do we get a URL for the voice assistant?


We are looking for a way to get the URL for our voice assistant so that people can click a link to get help directly. How do we do this?

Hi @dev0 You can share your prototype or you can use our chat widget integration for chat assistant.

Hi Nicolas, thank you for answering. Can you please explain the latter? Sharing the prototype is not what we’re after. Just a url so people can easily get to it instead of clicking on the chatbot button on the webpage.

You can do a custom integration then. Here’s a blog post on how to do it on a web page: Create a webpage to talk to your Assistant using Voiceflow Dialog API | Voiceflow

Hello again.

So I was able to set that up and use the default parameters. But I’m not sure how to get ti to behave like the normal chatbot? It’s supposed to introduce itself and then give people options to help them navigate through. This one only introduces itself after you enter some text but doesn’t even give the options we built?