How to add large audio in audio block or else run two stream blocks automatically back to back

Hey there,
Myself Tony,

I am trying to make an Alexa skill that includes an audio file bigger than (10 MB for uploading in the audio block) and if I try Google drive uploaded audio file link in the URL section of the audio block then it gives a big error while execution on mobile. The same google drive URL(one with a bigger audio file) works fine with the stream block and it also does not give any error while execution but the problem is that in some steps I want to play two audio files after one another or play a little big audio file and then execute the next block and if I use the stream block to play the audio file, it ends the skill and does not play the next block.

Please Please Please help me with this. Please tell me how can I play a big audio file or big audio URL in the audio block or how can I set the stream block to allow the execution of the next block after its completion.

Waiting for your response…