How to Capture and Print User Details with out spelling Mistakes as like in Goverment ID Card

  1. I want to capture UserNames lets say 100 numbers, if i say Shyam or John or peterson, it is identifying and recording perfectly, if i say Gourisankar, it is not able to capture exactly what i have given it is capturing GoriSankr instead of Gourisankar.
    Is there any way to capture Names First/Last/Middle Names of the user exactly same as in Government ID card.
  2. I have installed Alexa Simulator on my IOS Apple Mobile / Windows PC, now i want to take pictire of User and send it to Print.

Basically, something like people’s name or address has too many variations and Alexa cannot capture all correctly even capturing it with built-in Name type slot.

IMO, the better practice is NOT to capture those. If you want to get user’s name, you should get those via Customer Profile API.