How to Capture two intents in a same utterance

How can you capture 2 intents in a same utterance and provide the user with a list in which order they would like to accomplish their tasks.

Note: Schedule a demo and App pricing are already defined intents in the Canvas and can be triggered individually.

Bot - hello i am the Voiceflow bot , how can I help ?
user -I would like to get schedule a demo and get a pricing for your App.
Bot - Thanks for reaching out , In which order would you like to complete your requests today?
schedule a demo and get a price is this right ?
Yes No
User - NO
Bot - Ok, Would you like to get a price and then Schedule a demo
Yes no
User - Yes
Bot - here is the price for our App its $xxx.xx
And a demo has been Scheduled for you , one of our agents will reach out to you regarding
dates and availability
Bot - is there anything else you would like help with ?
User - No thank you have a good Day
Bot - See ya!! have a good day.

PS: Wondering if this is even possible in VoiceFlow.