How to constantly read data from google drive spreadsheets

Hello there. Is it possible to read data from a spreadsheet constantly?
What I want to do is an alexa skill that tells me if something changes in my spreadsheet as soon as it changes: I already made a java application that sends data to the same sheet (for example cell A1 set to TRUE), and I would like my skill to tell me “hey that parameter changed”, but I want it to constantly update itself, without the need to call my skill every time. Is it possible to make the skill restart or repeat itself after 1 second? this way every time the skill restart the API would gather all the info I need.

maybe this might be similar to what you want. alexa has push notification feature called proactive event api.

some notes:

  • I think Alexa cannot start skill without invoking currently, except routines or echo flex’s human sensor. proactive event api is just push notification, not invoking.
  • notification has some message templates, means cannot notice freely as you want her to speak.

how about something like a While() cycle, would that be possible?

alexa is request and response based system. alway user requests first, alexa responses. request and response must be done in certain time limit(both about 8secs. That does not means Alexa only speaks for 8 secs, mean response from backend to Alexa must be done in 8 secs). Also, it is stateless, that means connection to the backend is disconnected after every response. This means while() looping does not work.

So, if you wanna do something like while(), you should check if data is updated after all the blocks which user interaction happens and if data is updated, connect back to the beginning block. This is just my simple guess, so maybe there’s more things to concider such as consistency of variables, etc.