How to delete a reminder?

I have created a reminder in a skill using the Reminder Block. This worked without any problems. However, I would also like to give the user the option to delete the reminder at any time. And this is where I am stuck now. I took the “Delete Flow” from the project “voiceflow reminder demo”, but it always ends up in the error path.

Hi @Sebastian!

You can delete a reminder created with the Reminder step but you will need to get its alertToken first as you need this token to delete the corresponding reminder.

To be able to do this, you want to use the Alexa Reminder API - Alexa Reminders API Reference | Alexa Skills Kit
to get the list of all the reminders.

GET /v1/alerts/reminders

  • Give you a list of all reminders

GET /v1/alerts/reminders/{id}

  • Give you the info for the corresponding reminder