How to fix error "missing invocation name" for in en-AU locale?

Alexa Developer Support Team says I have a missing invocation name for en-AU locale when I try to upload/compile my skill. Thing is, I have no idea why this is case or how to fix it. Is this an error by me? VF backend error? Alexa backend error?

Does anyone know how to fix this? I need help. Thanks.

I’ve included the Amazon support reply below, as well as relevant screenshots of the error and my settings (via project, launch, product tabs):

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From: Alexa Developer Support Team
Sent: Thursday, April 1, 2021, 06:37:19 AM EDT
Subject: RE:[CASE 8173617931] Error related to en-AU locale and invocation name when I try to validate before certification

Hello and thank you for your message.

Looking at our internal tools, it would appear that there is no invocation name for the en-AU interaction model of your skill.

Can you please confirm that have added one and proceed to save and rebuild it? After that, you can click on the blue “Run” button again.

Best regards,
Bernardo B.
Alexa Developer Advocate


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Update: @Nicolas gave me a working solution on FB, which I copy here for posterity:

" Try to remove the locale(s)/regions not available for ISP (en-AU in your case), got to your product in your Voiceflow project, reset the locales for your product and add them back again. Upload to ADC to see if it works.

If the upload is successful, add the en-AU locale (non ISP) to your project and try to upload again.

This will be tricky if en-AU is already present in your live skill as you can’t remove any locale on a live skill (without the help of the Alexa team)."