How to get value from blynk or blynk 2.0

Hi everybody,

I’m new in voiceflow integration and I’m trying to get my water tank level with alexa, using blynk 2.0.********************&v0
this command returns the correct value in browser

But with this setting, when i test the request , I get error and Alexa says “value is 0 instead of 65”

“code”: 500,
“status”: “Internal Server Error”,
“dateTime”: “2022-01-22T06:06:57.121Z”,
“timestamp”: 1642831617121,
“data”: “Invalid status code: 65”

I saw another post about this topic, but impossible for me to get it right.

May you Help me?

Thank you


After creating local blynk server and used dyndns, i get answer:

“reponse”:[ 1 item
0: “59”

But I get in results:
Data Path reponse.0
Value undefined
Stored to {value}

and then Alexa always says “0”

Glad we were able to have this solved in the Facebook group! This skill you’re creating seems super cool! Keep us in the loop on the progress and launch :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Did you find the solution for this’???

@tahsim @marc Did you find the solution???