How to keep Voiceflow run in computer and always in listening mode?

I wanted to make the created voiceflow as an application in my computer. And it’s always in listening mode. So, someone come closely and ask question, and the voiceflow will answer it accordingly.

I download the voiceflow app in my mac. But it does need to press “space” button to enable listening and release “press” button to send the voice.

How can I realize the function? Thanks!

Hi @hirosichen

Holding down the space bar is only necessary for testing your project in Voiceflow. Once you publish your project, it will be activated by a wake word/phrase such as “Hey Alexa…” or “Hey Google…”.

Automatic speech recognition software (ASR) will listen to everything, even words/conversations that are not related to the information you are trying to gather. You can use an external engine like Picovoice to filter intents however a platform like Amazon Alexa is probably your best bet for something like this!

  • Catherine
    Voiceflow Customer Success

Hello Catherine, many thanks for your information. Is there any tutorial that I can follow step by step? Thanks!

Hi @hirosichen

Sorry for my late reply!

Here’s some documents and videos that might help you get started:


  • Catherine