How to make a better algorithm to match data from one API to another API?

Hi, I am Ken. What is the best algorithm to search for data between two apis?

I’m not a programmer So here’s my unscientific understanding of algorithms.

First, in an effort to reduce the number of API calls. I stored two API responses as variables called randomAPI and directToApi.

Then if I want to call information from the stored api. I declare a bunch of variables in a code block

My current skill is a Yes Sire clone, so It asks a random question from the randomAPI. If the next answer is another question, It stores the query ‘econ_2a’ as the variable ‘searchQuery’ and tries to find the match in the directQuery in the directToApi.

What we have currently Is a very archaic liner search on voice flow

The result is a working liner search algorithm. But here’s my problem, it takes a soul-crushing 5 seconds of silence, for alexa to perform this liner search. I’m afraid this 5 seconds of anticipation is going to kill some attention spans.

Is there a faster algorithm or a faster way to search for data between two api’s?

Hi Ken, I will have a look at your project to see what we can do here :+1:t2:

That would be awesome Nicholas. Can I catch you on the weekends or are you normally on intercom during the weekdays?

Sure, ping me on Intercom whenever you want.