How to make a User Info block & Permission request work

we are in need of asking the user to provide their email address in the permissions block/variable {email}

but when we beta testing it asking for permission after our ‘intro’ block for users_session not equal to 1 --> it just goes to the No Access automatically?

when testing in simulator same thing as above.

am i not understanding how this should work? i thought it would hit the User Info block --> prompt them for email addy --> they say/select yes or no --> they go to the corresponding Yes or No speak block depending on their answer --> we write {email} to a google sheet for storage if Yes

yet i can’t seem to get to select/speak yes or no or have it trigger for a prompt either on a cell device or alexa device - just defaulting to No on real world device beta and simulator testing.

thanks in advance for the always helpful feedback and guidance.

User info block will just only check users’ “settings” allow you to get their email address.
If user has already allowed, variable will get users’ email address.

If user has not allowed, it will go to “no access”, so put permission block after it, to send a permission card to users’ alexa app.

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ok totally kewl and this makes sense. but what if the app requires email ‘on enable’ to access (which is what the voice app is set to currently) how does the voiceflow system handle that and how do i write that to a google sheet for later contact etc… isn’t the ‘on enable’ still within the amazon arena not vf?

the main point here on this project and probably helpful for a lot of vf users is how can/what is the best way to capture the users {email} addy (if they allow for it) and then we can store for later contact?

thank you as always for your helpful and awesome help and support!

what do you mean? you wanna user’s email prerequisite for enabling your app? it sounds different from what you said the first below.

but when we beta testing it asking for permission after our ‘intro’ block for users_session not equal to 1

Anyway, if email addresses are prerequisite, check “always” if users allow the permissions in the beginning of the flow.

you can save email addresses in Google sheets with google sheets, but you need to concider about that users CAN change their email address after you saved those in sheets.

i apologize for the confusion. i would much prefer to require the email address ‘on enable’. you have eloquently helped with the perm/userinfo blocks BUT what or where are the email addresses at if required ‘on-enable?’ vs. asking in the actual app?

thank you for your time and patience with me :slight_smile:

we can please close this one. as it has many issues in it vs. just one clear problem for a solution.