How to make Alexa listen while she talks

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I have a question. How can I make Alexa listen to what the user says while she’s talking? I saw in a video that this was happening with an example app, but I couldn’t figure out how. When I test my app, I always have to wait until everything is finished. I want the user to be able to “interrupt” Alexa with an intent, and Alexa then delivering on that intent. How can I do that in Voiceflow?

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where did you find this?

Anyway, as I know, while Alexa is talking, she cannot listen to what users say. Only we can do is to stop Alexa talking by invoking her name like “Alexa”, then she will stop talking and starts to listen.

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See if the following example works. for you.
It has an Intent which will interrupt the Audio and take any input…But you have to say “Alexa” and then the input…

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Thanks for your reply! I couldn’t remember until now where I saw this: It wasn’t in a video, it was in a voice app that I used. In the introduction of the Escape Room app, they say “remember, you don’t need to wait until I’m finished talking if you want to tell me the solution.” It just works without saying “Alexa” first. I don’t know how they do it, but it works.

Thanks KnightFix for sharing this solution. I’m gonna give it a try :slight_smile:

The slot I have defined is “custom” ", so definitely it needs to be invoked with "Alexa… " wakeword.

If you can do a good custom slot with proper utterance or if you use an Amazon pre-defined slot, I think the example will work without saying the “Alexa…” wakeword.

You could check the Dominoes Pizza example in the templates, I think that works without the Alexa wakeword.

Let me know if you need help…

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