How to make alexa read user's list?

As Alexa cannot read lists in routines, I want to develop a skill that reads the user’s list. (as the skills are possible to implement in routines, one can listen to the list of their choice each morning)

Question: is it possible to select which list Alexa reads when the skill is triggered from the skill settings? (similar to granting permission from the settings - say user specifies a list name called “xyz” from the skill settings and whenever the skill is triggered (though the routine), alexa will read only that “xyz” list each morning)

Question 2: how to set slots with variable names? say, alexa asks “which list you want me to read?” user utters one of his/her list name, say, “xyz”. then how to make alexa understand that she needs to read that particular list? (i know she can already read your list if you ask but this concept will have some other applications as well

There is a demo project for Alexa’s lists in VF community marketplace.

  1. Yes
  2. You would need to:
  • read the list names in and store them in an array
  • Read out the array and allow the user to select which one to listen to
  • pass the array[] into the code that reads the list