How to make use of account linking

Hello everybody,

I would like to develop a skill that make use of an external API that requires the users credentials (Oauth). I assume that I need to use an account linking block. Unfortunately I dont get how that works. The url

delivers a 404.

The tutorial seems to be out-dated. At least the tutorial does not make use of the account linking block. Can you pls guide me what is the best approach to call a 3rd party API that needs user credentials? Below you will see my approach - does this leads to a account linking block within the alexa app? How can I test this skill within the prototype view of voiceflow dahsboard?




I have not tried with current interface (I had tried with old interface before), but I guess

  • First, use User Info Block and select “Account linking”. If user has already completed account linking, access token will be mapped to a variable you defines.
  • For “No Access” path of User Info Block, connect Account Linking block and setup OAuth2 settings for your needs.
  • For "Success"path of User Info Block, connect API Block to authorized with access token.

Once you setup Account Linking and upload, you will need to go to ADC, open account linking setting page, and get callback urls, which might be required to set in 3rd Party API side.

Also, I think you cannot test Account linking on Voiceflow’s prototype testing. It should be tested on ADC and Alexa App.

The community tutorial can now be found here: Account Linking + Login with Amazon