How to migrate existing VF Alexa project to Google?

Hi there, I’ve been creating an Alexa Skill using Voiceflow. How’s it possible to use the Alexa project for Google Assistant as well? I know Google is sunsetting Actions, but client still expects a Google Action to be released. So is there like a copy & paste or export - import way? Or maybe a paid way I didn’t see?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @DanielMittendorf

You can highlight and copy all of the blocks in your current Alexa project, create a new Google Assistant project, and then paste the blocks into the Google Assistant project “converting” it!

You will then have a Google and Alexa version of the same app.

  • Catherine
    Voiceflow Customer Success

Hey @Catherinemaddock - thanks for your reply. That sounds like a valid solution. Sadly my canvas with all the blocks is so huge, I cannot highlight all blocks at once. Even when fully zoomed out, I can highlight a few blocks at once.

Afaik there is also no “highlight all” or “mark all” shortcut like Ctrl + A, correct?

Unfortunately no keyboard shortcut yet, but you can drag+select by zooming all the way out and copying all your blocks!

What if I zoomed out at a maximum level and still have no way to copying all the blocks at once? I can only see like 10% of the blocks when max zoomed out.