How to search google sheet and return results?

Sorry if this is obvious - I’ve now watched 20 videos, read many many forum topics and I just can’t figure this out!

Is it possible, with Google Sheets integration, to search a table and make matches (including partial matches) to things a user says to my assistant?

So, if I capture a user’s input in a variable such as {usersaysthis}, I then get a list of all the things in COLUMN X of the table? Like, if I have a home inventory database as a google sheet, and I say “light” it will come back and list things like:
Light bulb 6
Lighting fixture green
Light cheese

etc etc

I then want to know how many items are returned, and give the user the option to search within those results etc etc. It sounds simple - its just searching a table! But it seems to be impossible :slight_smile:

I can’t figure it out! Thanks in advance for any help!


google sheets integration has some limitations.

  • can search only exact match. If user says “light”, can only retrieve data which column is exactly “light”, cannot retrieve data from columns including “light”.
  • even if there are more than one record to match, it always return a single record.

if you wanna use it more database-y, you should use Airtable. but in that case, you need to write some codes via custom code block.


Thank you so so much for this! I felt like I was going mad. :slight_smile: So good to know that its simply not possible to do what I was trying. It’s a pity but at least I can stop trying!

I think Voiceflow is wonderful - so I don’t want to knock them, but I also wish they would be more “upfront” with what is and isn’t possible with the app! Particularly with Google Sheets integrations. I was almost going to buy a year of Voiceflow until I found out it won’t do what I need it to! Very frustrating.

I also hope they get “outside people” to test things way more. The fact that the Google Sheets integration just fails for many people (ie. you have to wait and wait and wait for it to magically work after a few hours) is just not good enough for a paid service. It should at the very least have a “Not seeing any sheets here? Google Sheets integration may take up to 48 hours to connect to Google.” or something. Or list all the problem solving steps that you (and others) have posted ad nauseum on this forum.

Thanks again!