How to take a picture using Alexa

I have installed Alexa Simulator on my Android and IOS Mobile, and now i ask Alexa to take Picture, is there any way.
Here are my few Questions if any once can suggest me the best way to do using VOICEFLOW.COM

  1. I want to open PC WebCam or Mobile Camera ( if got opend both is also fine) using Alexa Device or Windows / Android / IOS Alexa Simulator

  2. i have intigrated Alexa on My PC Windows and i want to turn on My WebCam to Take picture also

  3. Need to enter Some Details captured from user into an Excel sheet or DB. Both are in Cloud Storage not Google Drive ( Office Premises only).

From custom skills, Alexa cannot take pictures via alexa app or even Echo Show which has a camera. It’s not allowed by Amazon, currently.

Hay, is there any alternate for this problem, need to turn on the pc camera to take the picture.and send it to printer to get the print.


you need something automation software/services with api which requires to control your PC camera from remote.

I’m not sure but you may check these kind of things.

  • Zapier
  • UiPath