How to Update Current Projects to the New Canvas

What are the steps to “update” your current projects to the new canvas? To be more specific
does each “block” of the project need to be updated? Yes, have the new canvas is in place…

Hi. When you re-open your skill, it should automatically update. You might need to move some of the blocks around on the canvas, due to some of the blocks re-sizing, and re-organize them visually.

For some older skills (i.e. a year old or more), some blocks might be deprecated, and need to be replaced. If you are unsure or running into issues, contact Voiceflow via Intercom (the bubble in the lower-right corner of the canvas).

Yes it did complete the update! And, yes I did have to move a few things around, but all is good in the land of VoiceFlow ! :sunglasses: