I can't test on Echo Dot, but test in Amazon Developer Console works fine


I’m testing my voice app, and in the Amazon Developer Console it works fine, even when I test it with speech rather than typing. But when I try it on my device it responds “Sorry I don’t know that one”.

My device is linked to my amazon developer account
I’ve checked my invocation name and it’s consistent (and works on ADC)

Any ideas why my device isn’t picking it up?

Thanks in advance!

check your locale settings of both your project and your device. Those should be same.

How do I change the locale settings in voiceflow?

open your project and click on settings icon.


you will see locale settings in your project settings.

check If your language and country is same as your device account.

also you can check your invocation voice history via alexa app.


voice history keeps your invocation history both on ADC and on devices.

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