I need to help, please. Linking end of command to the main flow (home)


So I have a randomiser, with multiple options. I want to create a command that will say NEXT any time that there is a result that is being played. So I though to create a command, but how can I link to go back to the randomiser (it is an independent flow the next command)?

Is there an easier way?.

Thank you!!!

For getting “Next” anytime, there are 2 ways to do it: Command or Intent Block.

Command will always go back to WHERE user say “Alexa, Next” and cannot link back to the block you want. Intent Block will get user utterances GLOBALY and you can link to the block which you want.

The difference between Command and Intent Block, this may help you. (No.2 and 3)

Hey Kun, this is great but I want the random block to play all of the audio files (without duplicates), and the say, will you like to play it again? BUT I want to be able to say NEXT at any point when any audio is playing, NOT to have to say next everytime one is played.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you!!!

Audio using Speak Block is maily not for playing Audio. It’s just adding sound effects with speech. So, an user interaction is required between each audio, I think.

In that case, you should use Stream Block. Stream Block is for playing audio and has built-in “Next” feature. My sample.


  • user experience has been completely changed. The skill using Stream Block, which is called AudioPlayer skill, is mainly for playing audio by Echo’s built-in audio player. AudioPlayer skill limits some user interactions while audio is playing. On the other hand, Audio in Speak Block does not limits user interactions, but cannot be used like a jukebox (cannot play sequentially without no user utterance)

  • if you use Audio using Speak Block, you can upload your mp3 files into Speak Block, but for Stream Block, you cannot upload, you must host your mp3 files somewhere on The Internet publically and must satisfy some requirements.

  • In my sample, I have not implemented “Previous”. if you use random block, you need to remember “which songs is played previously” in some ways. “Next” and “Previous” must be implemented if you wanna submit your skill to The Alexa skill store.

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What does “implemented” mean here? Do you mean that the Next or Previous step must link to another step (at the least)? Thanks.

If any of these intents do not apply to your skill, handle it in a graceful way in your code. For instance, you could return a response with text-to-speech indicating that the command is not relevant to the skill. The specific message depends on the skill and whether the intent is one that might make sense at some point, for example:

  • For a podcast skill, the AMAZON.ShuffleOnIntent intent might return the message: “I can’t shuffle a podcast.”
  • For version 1.0 of a music skill that doesn’t yet support playlists and shuffling, the AMAZON.ShuffleOnIntent intent might return: “Sorry, I can’t shuffle music yet.”

That means need to put speak block after next/previous and say something like mentioned above, and go back to stream block. I have no experiences with certification for audioplayer skill, but I’ve heard certification might be failed without this “implement”.

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