I want to post records in Google sheets

I simple want people’s response to be posted on a google sheet.

When I test in Voiceflow and Alexa simulator it works.

When I test on Alexa device it fails.

See video here:

What am I doing wrong?

did you test on alexa simulator with voice, not with typing?

Correct, all voice.

I even tested on the Alexa device itself.

0 means Alexa didn’t recognize what you said as a slot value correctly.

you can check what you said and how alexa converted it into texts on Alexa app (however, it doesn’t mean how alexa recognize it as a slot value) and might be some help…


For me, it is strange that alexa simulator on alexa developer console works but not works on device.

I am also experiencing the same issue.

Is there any way you can capture without defining a particular slot value? So it’s not looking for anything but rather just capturing text.