IF block not working?

Hi, is the IF block not working anymore?
I’ve just created a simple skill to test it and it doesn’t seem to work
The skill asks me for a number, if i say 1 it should tell me “ok”

This is what happens instead
Schermata 2020-02-14 alle 12.32.10
Am I doing something wrong?

I confirm, even in a project that worked now it does not work.

I checked it worked.

check your input type.

I haven’t changed anything, now it works…
Thanks anyway for the help

that’s good anyway :smile:

one thing to recommend. you should always test on Alexa Developer Console, not on Voiceflow.
Voiceflow’s test is a kind of instant and handy, but does not work as alexa does.

As a follow-up on this, a few days ago I noticed problems with the IF block as well and had reported via Intercom. VF had done a push which broke it. Then yesterday morning they pushed a fix and resolved the issue. If you are still having the same problem, log out and back in, and do a hard refresh.

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does not work

let me see your Set block and If block.




hmmm… have you tried hard refresh?

Try again now and work correctly.

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