Importing data from Microsoft Power Virtual Agent/Live Engage

We’re going to be working on improving the user journey for a number of for client who use different platforms - how easy is it to import data into Voiceflow. The first 2 projects are with Microsoft Power Virtual Agent and Live Engage.

Hope someone can help … thanks

Hi Sally,

What type of project are you hoping to build? Are you planning on using NLU data?

Let me know and I can help you out!

  • Catherine

Voiceflow Customer Support

Hi Catherine,

No we’re not planning on using NLU, but we’ve been given the background code data for a pre-existing chat bot - it uses buttons. So we’re looking to upload it to the voice flow platform so we can make edits to the language and flow. Is there a training module to show how we can import ?

Really appreciate your help - it;s our first time using voiceflow (we’re proficient using Visio to design telephony journeys) , so please share any tips/links that you feel could help.

Hi @sallyg

Unfortunately as of now, Voiceflow is not compatible with Microsoft PVA or Live Engage. You will unfortunately have to remap within Voiceflow. However, in the future we are looking to expand our compatibility with other chatbot creators such as PVA.

Voice flow has built in button choices to use to make that process easier. I can send documents to help you get started if needed!

Kind regards,


Yes please Catherine - that would be great.

Hi @sallyg ,

Here are some docs to help you build your project:

Let me know if you need any more info!