Importing data from Microsoft Power Virtual Agent/Live Engage

We’re going to be working on improving the user journey for a number of for client who use different platforms - how easy is it to import data into Voiceflow. The first 2 projects are with Microsoft Power Virtual Agent and Live Engage.

Hope someone can help … thanks

Hi Sally,

What type of project are you hoping to build? Are you planning on using NLU data?

Let me know and I can help you out!

  • Catherine

Voiceflow Customer Support

Hi Catherine,

No we’re not planning on using NLU, but we’ve been given the background code data for a pre-existing chat bot - it uses buttons. So we’re looking to upload it to the voice flow platform so we can make edits to the language and flow. Is there a training module to show how we can import ?

Really appreciate your help - it;s our first time using voiceflow (we’re proficient using Visio to design telephony journeys) , so please share any tips/links that you feel could help.