Importing Invocable

How do we import skill and manage projects created with Invocable to VoiceFlow?

I had just subscribed to the Invocable $99 monthly subscription plan only to learn a couple days later the company is shutting down. There were about a half dozen Skills created that need to be imported to the new VoiceFlow. Is there /will there be a way to smoothly handle the transition? I’ve already subscribed to VoiceFlow.

Same issue; I just went into Invocable, copied all of my stuff into a word document and am now going and copying/pasting them into Voiceflow. Not ideal, but at least I still have my text to copy over right now.


Hi @skillradio, we are very sorry but due to very big differences between the two platforms we couldn’t make a tool that offered a satisfactory conversion quality to be finally made available to our users.
We advise you to recreate your project directly in Voiceflow if you want to be able to continue editing it later.
For skills that you have already realized and that will not require updating or editing on your part, Voiceflow will continue to handle their hosting automatically.