Increase Alexa listening time!

Quick question, is there a way to increase Alexa listening time. I got block that request the user email address. Hence, depending on the name of the email, it can be long or short. Therefore the user might want to spell out their email (example:

Naturally, alexa going to need some time to listen to this respond, and not just cut the user off and move on to the next step.

Thanks for the help again!

Hey there,

When you open alexa app, go to settings/device settings, then choose alexa on this device, scroll down and you should see adaptive listening option, like this

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FYI, an alternative way is to use customer profile api to get users’ email address without saying.


Thanks for the advice Kun, big help! The only issue with your solution though, is that it only provides the user email address, and not the email of the user’s customer. My application will require input from both the alexa device user AND the user’s customer.

Whoever download this alexa app, will need to have both information available in order to complete the whole workflow.