Integrate questions and answers from spreadsheet

Hi there,

I trying to create my 1st project really simple for now : a quiz game with 1 user ; but I don’t really know how to do it.

After launching the starting of the voice app; how to start the Q&A with the user and integrate the random questions & answers from a Google spreadsheet ?

I’m don’t understand what I have to put after the “integrations” block ?

Many thanks for your reply and hope it will be helpfully !!!


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I am also a beginner. But successfully done a Quiz with Question/Answer. I dont know how to share the project in the forum. Any other way we can discuss, I can walk you thru (whatsapp, chat etc)…

Hi KnightFix I don’t know if yall got a hold of each other but I’m having the same issue, here. I would like to upload a Q&A via G Sheets but I’m running into some issues. Please reply you can connect with me directly via email thanks

Yes. I figured that out quite a while ago. Let me know if you need help in Integrating Google Sheets data

Right, so I’m trying to use voiceflow to create a Q&A knowledge base where the user verbally ask a question and the system/AI would find the question on a Google sheet and reply/return the answer from the next/adjacent column. But, I cannot see if Voiceflow has the ability to take voice input or if this app process can be done at all?

Yes it can be done - there are hundreds of the same skill created by Voiceflow users

Ok, that’s great to hear. But is there a github type repository where people can share their programs/code/scripts/modules? I’ve “played” with the platform and haven’t figured out how to get this work. I’ve asked VF’s contact us and they send me their FB page. If there are 100’s of the same I just need one.

Thanks for the insight.

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There is just a VF Marketplace.
By 100s of quizzes I just meant that lots of people do a quiz as there 2nd or 3rd project while they are learning - or at least judging by the number of questions we get on the Forum about it. Depending on what you want to achieve it’s not that hard to set up a multiple choice question type quiz, with topics and rounds. I created a published skill called Quiz Club which has has four types quizzes - you can try it in thee Skill store to get an idea of the type s of quizzes

Hi wolvmarine could you get any script or code for a quiz in VF? I am looking too