Intent problem random

Hi, I hope someone can help me

Practically when the intent is invoked to activate or cancel the premium plan, sometimes it works correctly, sometimes by mistake,
I’ve been trying to fix this for months, but I’ve never been able to
Generally it goes 70% of the time, but amazon testing the skill many times notices the error and refuses the skill
I noticed, that eliminating the audio block works without problems …


This is an example, the skill is another (in English), to make you understand the problem better

This mistake does it to me with all audio skills

Cancel payment block does not have a route to fail. ISP blocks such as payment and cancel payment block will access to Amazon’s API behind, that means it might failed sometimes.

I thank you for the answer, I deepened and the problem seems to be another,

Intents always work, except when long audio is playing, so I think the problem is on the stream blocks, but there are no settings, so I think it’s a bug …

I tried to connect the “fail” but nothing changes: /