Intent works as expected in Voiceflow Prototype, but behaves differently in Alexa

I am using the Choice block with an intent that has a Number-type slot in it.

When testing in prototype mode, if a answer this Choice block incorrectly (e.g. passing a letter where it expected a number), it goes through the else path and follows the defined path, as expected.

When using the Alexa test console, if I give the same exact answer (passing a letter instead of a number), the skill resets to the initial prompt, instead of falling into the “else” path.

So, wrapping it all up:
1- Choice block with an intent that contains a Number slot
2- In Voiceflow prototype, giving a wrong slot (or wrong utterance) leads to the “else” path

3- In Alexa test console, giving a wrong slot leads to resetting the skill completely, ignoring the else path.

(2 and 3 steps compared)

Is there anything that I’m missing on the Choice block or the differente between devices (prototype and Alexa test console)?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve not tested yet but as I know:

  • It’s not strange that Prototype and test simulator on ADC return different results. There is an architecture difference between those and this is a current limitations of Prototype.
  • IMO, should always test on ADC. ADC test is very similar to real Echo devices.
  • I’m not sure about your flow, but even if slot types or intents is not match, Alexa sometimes tries to match it anyway. seems it happens especially using short sentences or short words. so you need to use Condition Block to check a slot value if it is what you expect.