IntentRequest v LaunchRequest

Alexa docs show that there is more than one way to launch a skill; in this case I’m curious whether Voiceflow can differentiate between a LaunchRequest, and an IntentRequest?



If you want to invoke the skill with intent, called “one-shot invicatiion”, use intent block.

also, supports nane-free instruction with canFulfillIntent. but this is for US only, beta feature as alexa, and seems not work always. (I’ve never used because I use Japanese)


Thank you!

I was using the Interaction block instead of the Intent block :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:

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Did you guys remove CanFulfillIntent? I don’t see it anymore in the intent.

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Personally, I’ve never used canFulfillIntent because canFulfillIntent does not support my language and am not sure if it’s gone or not.

@Braden @Nicolas

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Hey @jpellegrino, we don’t have canfulfillintent anymore as it wasn’t getting much traction. There will be some replacements for canfulfillintent coming! :slight_smile:

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I believe this to be a great way to get your skill out to more people, please update this post when the alternative is available or canfulfillintent is reinstated as a function.
Thank you