Invocation error

everytime i am uploading voiceflow to google action console it pops up the invocation error everytime even for small designing.

Hey! Can you share an image of the error?

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It appears to be an action like an API call that isn’t allowed in the simulator! you can see in the bottom right it says that you cannot use standard google action features in the simulator. I’d try on your google device (smart speaker or phone) and see if it works!

It seems that your invocation is similar to the Google to do list app and the assistant is trying to add something to your todo instead of launching your action. Try to change your invocation to something else.

Hello! I am facing the same problem , if you could can you please elaborate on how to change invocation please?

Go to the Integration button on the Canvas:

Then navigate over to ‘Skill Invocation’

Thank you. But I am not getting those options.

click on the gear icon below integration icon. you will see Project Settings and can change invocation.

Ok thank you for your time . I changed that but I am still getting that I cannot use standard Google assistant features in the simulator.

aftter change invocation name, you need to upload to Google to apply it.

and also, as Nicolas said, invocation name should not be similar to Google’s standard features. (test simulator on Actions on Google does not support Google’s standard feature, that’s why its error happens.)