Iphone Locks and Skill Stops

Hi all, I need some help with an issue some of my users are sending me: When using the skill in an iphone (using Alexa App), sometimes the iphone sleeps/locks and the skill stops.
Is there anything I can do in my skill to prevent iphone from locking? Can a skill keep on playing after iphone is locked?

what is your skill like? I mean it’s like Alexa continues talking for a few minutes?

Yes. The skill plays up to 2 min audio before requesting an user interface.
If the user has its phone adjusted for locking after 1 min, the skill is halted.

ok. I just tested and reproduced.

Actually, when Alexa speaks, all the speech texts, even if it would take a few minutes, has been finished to sent in a few secs from Voiceflow/Alexa to the app. App is just playing that texts. means app has has already finished. That’s why iphone locked and app stopped, I think.

so, this is kind of normal and Alexa can’t get over iphone’s lock system, but there seems to be some workarounds like:

  • play audio files (such as audio in speak block or streaming block) seems make this a little longer because audio will be played as streaming, so iPhone thinks that app is still working. But seems not 100%.
  • add more interactions to avoid locked, but this might not be suitable for your skill.

Is there any way to add a video as background? This would work fine…

Alexa app does not support video, currently…

btw, you can ask in facebook, too. there might be other solutions.