ISP private beta

Hello everyone!

ISP (in skill purchases) is out in beta for those with Voiceflow Plus :slight_smile: Please let us know how we did and what we can improve!

Products Block / Pricing / Subscription / Trial Period field:
After submitting, it is not saving the value for the trial period number of days. I had entered “4”, completed the submittal, and when reviewed, it defaulted back to 0. It seems to be saving the other values so far.

Error copying product.
I tried copying my first product block, but it generates an error. This one isn’t high priority for me personally. If yo need to take a look, the skill name is “ISP Test” but this one is just a preliminary run-through and won’t be published. EDIT: It did copy the product, though, and it appears complete after clearing the error message.

Here is a series of screenshots from the ADC for my “continuous black noise” product.

OK, so this forum isn’t allowing me to put more than one image in a post, and it doesn’t allow me to make more than three consecutive posts in a row.

I managed to get to the point where it asked me for my four digit verification code to purchase (this is in the Developer Portal.) At that point, when I put it in, it dumped me out of the Skill. I can’t try it on a device since I am out of the country at the moment and it will not let you make purchases from the app on your phone.

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This is still a bug, and it is a showstopper. Can it be fixed soon? Thanks.