Issue with Amazon Yes & No intents

I have an interaction block where I want a user to make a simple yes/no choice. I’m using the Amazon built in YesIntent and NoIntent but it only recognizes the NoIntent. When I say yes, it does to the else output.

Am I missing anything?

I was shocked to make the same discovery a while ago myself–the Amazon Yes and No intents aren’t reliable. So much for sophisticated machine learning.

I wound up building my own custom yes and no intents.

I was doing some testing and what I realized is that I have a slot that is used to catch a user’s input (I’m using the Amazon.Book type so they can say anything) and it’s conflicting with other utterances. I.e. the yes/no utterance. Does anyone have ideas for how to get around this?

Hi @porterhaus! So you have a custom intent in a capture block with “absolutely” in it, this intent will take the lead on the default Amazon.Yes intent. Same for the “again” and “again please”. As explained in the Utterance Conflicts, Amazon will ignore built-in intents in this case.

Hi @Nicolas, the custom intent was created by the capture block which expects an Amazon.Book type for the slot. There doesn’t seem to be a place where I could override the utterances or something similar.