Issue with routine Alexa and capture component

Hello, I’ve discovered an issue using the capture component.
When the skill is activated with launch phrases, the skill works normally without any issues.
When it’s launched as a part of a routine the first capture component will fail: the speech it’s not captured and also the skill became inactive.
In this situation, Alexa will respond as if it was outside the skill.
The behavior is absolutely repeatable.



If its an intent you are looking to invoke from the launch phrase, I was told VF no longer supports that. Apparently there is some way within the ADC to set it up, but I haven’t figure it out yet.

Hello Rob, I don’t pass through an intent, it’s a capture invoked immediately upon starting the skill… I ask the user something.
The workaround we found is to pass through an intent but it has the limitations of Alexa entities, instead of using the capture I can acquire all the person’s speech.