JSON to load both question and answer?

I have a Google Spreadsheet that with the fabulous tutorials I am already about to query … but my goal is to have both the question and response come from the google sheet. Think of it as …

question | answer
what is a cow, a cow is an animal
what is a frog, a frog is a reptile
what is the sun, the sun is a star

Since the questions are already pre-built in the sheet along with dynamic answers I’d love to use what’s there… suggestions?

just my simple idea.

load questions and answers from google sheets and put them into variable “question” and “answer”.
then speak question, get user’s answer with capture block, put it into variable “userAnswer”, and compare it with variable “answer”.

this may not be the best, there’s more ways to do this better. you can try!

good suggestion… i’ve started with a similar approach…
since I have a chatbot built that performs a similar function as Alexa but using LINE (line.me) via text I’ve built a speak box that says ‘how can I help you’, followed by a capture block much like you suggest. This puts the search phrase into a variable which I then query as if they had typed it to the chatbot.
The query runs via a POST api call and searches for the associated response data. Performance is pretty good thus far and fully leverages the existing vocabulary of nearly 1900 phrases.
My challenge now is the noob issue of working with regular expressions to effectively match on the right response when the intent is longer and more wordy than the associated intent in my spreadsheet… will work on that next.
The nice part is I have LINE account linking working beautifully and webhooks to Google sheet so that apps script does some of the heavy lifting.