Just some feedback on new release testing

Hey VF team, I’ve noticed lately there’s been a number of great improvements to the Designer tool user experience. It’s been great to see the improvements.

But there’s also been a few bugs - in particular around the line connections. I’ve loaded projects that; wouldn’t allow me to draw lines from Buttons to Text nodes; had all the buttons and lines disappear until I added a new button, and have the lines appear broken on the screen. I’d imagine the team is working very to add new features but I’d like to suggest being a little more diligent with testing as these sort of things can easily turn your users off.

Otherwise, I’m a massive fan of the design tool in particular so keep up the great work.

P.S. I hope y’all add in a ‘notes’ block so I can leave notes for development teams.

Sorry for the delayed response here and appreciate the kind words here!

I want to follow up on those Line issue(s) you’ve faced, can you provide your account email over DM + can you let me know approximately when/what time and day you’ve faced those issues?