Keep alexa from saying "undefined" when encountering an empty cell in Google Sheets

I have a Google Sheet set up with a list of product items and related descriptive variables in columns beside the item. Every product does not have data in a cell for all variables (some are blank).

Currently, when Alexa speaks a variable within a speech block, she says “undefined” for each blank variable. Is there a way to have her simply skip the undefined/blank variables?

I think Google Sheets Block cannot set a condition like no data in a cell.

  • you can check if it is “undefined” with Condition Block after retrieving data from google sheets. use expression in Condition Block.
  • Then, combine with loop and index numbers, you may be able to skip it.

This is my sample for coffee shop. users can order coffee, orange juice or tea. Then, retrieve its price from google sheets and Alexa will speak. If users order others which does not exists on google sheets, Condition block just check this.

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Appreciate all your help and expertise!