Keep score in quiz/trivia game?

I have looked everywhere for an example of how to keep score in a quiz/trivia skill that has five players and announce the winner at the end. I’m starting to think there’s nobody who knows how to do it.

Hi there,

I recommend checking out Voiceflow’s “whose turn” and “quiz game” template. The templates screen will pop up when you create a new project. However, we’re currently in the midst of remaking them so they reflect all the feature updates we’ve been pushing out over the last few weeks. Given this, we’re sending the new templates to get certification from Amazon and putting the new ones up very soon!

For your 5 players game, I would use the random block and SET block. Make sure you create variables like the ones in “whose turn”.

Message us on intercom if you need any further assistance.


Annie from Voiceflow

Hi, Annie! not found this model. Can you help me?