Limits from free account


What exactly are the limits of the free account?
I looked here and it says that I can only have 2 projects at a time, it is not for companies and the interactions are limited to 1,000 per month.
Now my question:
What exactly is counted as interaction and what happens when the limit is reached?

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Great question! The free account’s main limitations is it lacks collaboration features like real-time collaboration and commenting as well as real-time collaboration.

The 1,000 interactions per month is a hosting requirement for live apps. If your live app has more than 1,000 interactions per month, it should be upgraded to the PRO plan.

I hope this helps! @Bernd

Thank you very much for your answer, @Braden.

Do I understand correctly that “Alexa, start skill” and “Alexa, stop” are already 2 interactions or how are they counted exactly?

@Bernd yep those would count as interactions. However your skill won’t shut off automatically if you hit the limits. It’s more of an honor system right now until we build an actual billing system around hosting :slight_smile:

We’d like you to upgrade if you hit the limit - but you don’t have to!

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Thank you for the kind answers to my questions. :slight_smile:

thanks for the awesome information.