Link to a specific intent in VoiceFlow prototype?

Hey! I’m using Voiceflow to prototype a helpdesk chatbot, and I’d like to be able to use a QR code to bring people to a certain part of the conversation (in my case, I want to go directly to an intent about a projector having problems). Is there a way I can do that using a URL? Ideally, the user would see this QR code next to a projector that’s having trouble, scan it, and the helpdesk chatbot would go right to giving some troubleshooting steps for the projector from the start. Is this possible using the VoiceFlow prototype link?

Hey and welcome!

I’ve updated the widget maker to handle the action param in the URL.

So, after generating a preview URL for your Chat Assistant in our online tool (Voiceflow | Insiders), you can encode the preview link with a specific action like : in a QRCode.

When a user will scan the QRCode, the URL will redirect them to your assistant and trigger the computer intent.

In your project, you want to be sure to have the needed intent to trigger the corresponding convo.