Locale error message

Hi there,

First time posting in the forum. My skill has been live for about a month and ticking along nicely. Today I have tried to send some updates live, mainly changes to imagery and logos but I keep getting error messages about the locales being incorrect see below:

I’m not sure how to overcome this, I’ve never had a locale error before and I have changed nothing since the skill went live, all locales are the same, nothing new added.

Can anyone help on this? I’d really appreciate it.

All the best,

I’m not sure what happend but if you have not changed locale settings, you should ask Voiceflow via Intercom.

Just my curious, how many locales your current skill supports?

I’ve tried that as well, I shall wait for their reply.

Currently it supports 5 locales, all English.

seems no problems. some updates might break something, Maybe.

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